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My niece is going to sacrifice her life to Kali. She's a famous singer, but she thinks she looks too ugly to be seen, and so she's made a deal where if Kali makes her beautiful for the rest of her life, the black mother can eat her once she hits menopause. Her grandfather - my father - also sacrificed himself to Kali, but that was mostly for traditional reasons. The clergy demanded him to be sacrificed, and he trusted their judgement. I think this is just insane. I'd rather be ugly than dead. I wish I knew her enough to be able to educate her about proper worship.


>>1061 you've nearly gone to every board now and posted some kali paragraph. only a few more to go

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>>1062 Every single day Kali is with me. She is around me. She is inside me - inside my head and inside my body. I strive to live my life by Kali. When I go to sleep I dream of Kali. She is the food I eat and the air I breathe. How am I supposed to not speak of Kali? She is the singlemost important thing in this world, for me, and for you, and for all of us, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. ...but if there's any official board that I would post about Kali in, is there any more fitting board than the paranormal board? We don't have a Religion board, or I would have posted it there instead.