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You won't notice her at first. They won't let you, because they don't want you to worry. ...but it starts with the mentions - the acknowledging of her existence, somewhere off far away. You are shown her knives, but you don't understand what they mean. You hear about her feeding on the news. She's in your city, feeding on strangers. You hear your parents' friends fall victim to her, because she is closer now. One by one she rips open the throats of the world: Your pop idols. The newscaster. Until you find her feeding on your father, in your very home. ...and you begin to understand that it's you that she's coming for. She just has to eat a few of your friends first, along with your mother. ...and the sky falls into darkness as the world is consumed, one building at a time, and now you understand her knives, along with all her tools, and what you were always meant to be, from your very birth: Cattle. Food. Dead. ...and it looks so silly now: All those little lies that you were told, along with all the truths, because when she eats you, none of them will matter. There is no greater god than Kali. You'll come to understand that soon enough.


It is the deprived that are the enlightened ones, for everything taken away, is replaced by its absence, and in this absence is Kali. I have seen her face so many times at this point, that I feel like I'm immortal. So many attempts on my life that I've lost count. So many suicide attempts. ...and with every piece of me she takes, she leaves in its wake a bouquet of black roses. ...and all that I can give her in return, is the taste of my flesh. I hope she finds me pleasing.