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I have stated before that pedophilia is a sort of linchpin. ...but what if we just do tons of drugs, and start "opening our minds to the cosmos", or some shit? I think that, on a mental level, pedophiles are the anchient guardians of sanity itself. Once you reject pedophilia as virtuous, whatever you try to adapt in its place, won't make any sense, and will seed a derangement in you, that will ultimately crack your sanity and drive you insane. Just look at Skeptic: He said that pedos would go die, and what followed is just utter nonsense. Once you reject pedophilia, insanity is next. It is the foundation of sanity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fh-at8vj9oE


It could also be that some cosmic entity bestows wisdom on some people, but if they reject something as virtuous as pedophilia, saying that children can never truly be loved, that entity would withdraw the wisdom from these people, and reduce them to babbling idiots.