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Westworld season 1 was like an 120 IQ show: It was intelligent, but as a superior gentleman pedophile you could keep up with it. Then Westworld season 2 came out, and it was a 140 IQ show aimed at the distinguished hardcore pedophile audience, and you started to replay certain scenes in other to keep up. Now Westworld season 3 has come out and it's fucking 200 IQ babyfucking territory: You can't even understand what the characters are saying anymore, because all the dialogue is drowned out in the background music, so you're just supposed to puzzle together the vowels. You don't know where the characters are, who's a robot, and even who's blonde or black anymore. It's exhausting to watch. Viewership has apparently dropped 50% since season 2 as all the nonpedo plebs dropped out. Fourth season are probably just going to be a bitstream aimed directly at your eyeballs, with modem sound, and you'll be like that protagonist from the last episode of Due South: Fucking ultra pedophile, having relationships with people before they're even conceived.