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Have you ever spied on a relative in a sexual way? When I was a teen I spent the weekends at my step-mother's home and her college-aged daughter was living there for the summer. She was really hot and a bit of a slut. When no one was there I'd sneak into her room--first time I found a huge purple vibrator, a shit ton of thongs in her dresser and a compartment full of condoms. She even had a picture in one of her photo albums of her and her friends blowing a huge salami and even flashed the camera a few times. She had a habit of leaving the door cracked in the evening and while she slept. She left a fan on for white noise and was a bit of a heavy sleeper. I snuck in a few times while she slept and jacked off in front of her face, but I always blew my load into my underwear. I managed to sneak a peek of her tits and pussy a couple of times. Almost got caught once. Ended up hiding under her bed until she left the room to go to the bathroom, shot out and ran back to my room (both in the basement so no creaking floors) and ended up whacking my toe on the corner of my bed really fucking hard of which she heard me swear quite loudly from.