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I'm listening to some "alt right" (crypto-nazis) retards right now, and it seems that the way that these people make up their minds, is through sheer psychotic delusion: "Uh, I heard that there was some bombings going on in Iran, and that they bombed a lot of women and children and innocent civilians, but that among them happened to be a general who was very pro US, and so now everyone's upset. Uh, that's what I heard." They just make up stuff in their own heads like Donald Trump, and call it politics! It used to be that rightwing meant pro upper class, and leftwing went pro working class. Nowadays rightwing means being batshit crazy, while leftwing means being remotely sane. ...or it this just how retarded people in the US have become? Have they abandoned even Wikipedia now, and just turned to the crackpipe for wisdom? The United States used to be a country. It used to be something you could respect, even though all it did was invade countries whenever it saw fit. Yes, it was evil, but at least to contained some semblence of intelligence. At least these people weren't just a bunch of niggers. You're just a bunch of niggers now. You voted some psychotic idiot into power, you withdrew from the climate agreement, and you're about to wage yet another "war on terror" where you are the actual terrorists. ...and you're okay with that, because while some of you down in California have been literally on fire, you're not on fire right now, and so that means that everything is okay. You're just scum. You have no redeeming qualities. The entire world hates you, and wish that you'd just leave. Please go to the moon, all of you! Go to Mars! You can't stay here!

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>>7673 9/11 was a mossad job