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If the latest decades have shown us anything, it's that freedom and American values, is a horrible thing. People are just feeling free to ruin themselves left, right and center, when they really just belong in concentration camps. People think they have the birthright to speak too, thinking that if people are convinced into doing bad things, by carefully worded propaganda, that it's just their fault if they fell for it. I think that should go back to the feudal system, where the right to speak and do things, was EARNED. In the olden times this meant loyal service to the king, but in the modern times this means things like having graduated from a proper education. If you have a degree in chemistry, then you are allowed to speak of things related to chemistry, while having no education, means that you should know your place and keep silent. The same goes for the right to vote: This should be reserved only to people with some kind of degree in politics. We could invent a whole new school subject called "Voting". Human rights is a horrible philosophy, and anybody advocating for most of these, have not met any commoners. Commoners are uneducated, crazy, psychopathic bastards, who do good only by accident, and they need to either be firmly controlled, or erradicated. These people are crazy, especially in large numbers, and the only reason they've gotten rights to begin with, is because of this very reason, and the ruling class' unwillingness to resort to enough violent measure in response.


We need to stop rejecting fascist oppression as something blanket bad, and instead start to figure out how good fascist oppression looks like. There is a way to oppress responsibly. For example, oppressing pedophiles, or murderers and rapists, is bad, while oppressing psychopaths and nazis, is good. The whole idea of society is based on the oppression of psychopaths, and the whole idea of the enlightenment, is based on the oppression of the stupid peasantry and the church. ...so what I'd like to see, is countries taking their oppression seriously, and really justify their reasoning behind it, because a lot of the oppression I'm seeing, feels kind of arbitrary and poorly thought out. Also, the Iustitian system needs to be replaced. We can't just go around judging people based on their actions - that system doesn't really work. We need to judge people based on who they ARE instead. Put homeless people in prison and only let out those who have gotten an education or otherwise proven themselves, for example. We can't go on like this. We can't have insane people propagate that a nazi has as much of a right to speak as a decent person. That's how you end up with Donald Trump, among lots of other things.