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In this thread we discuss how Trump didn't do nothing, because Obama did it. ...and how jews run everything, and how that's somehow the end of the world, "the world" being the nazi third reich, which officially ended in 1945, but that's just jewish propaganda. You gotta understand: The only safe space to be that is left, is inside your own head. Your imagination will never fail you, and if it tells you that the space jews are coming, you need to trust your intuition, along with any site that you can find online that can validate your conclusions. "Paranoid schizophrenia" isn't a thing. That's just more jewish propaganda. They're everywhere, and Trump is innocent because Obama did it - fucking stellar logic. In short, this is a containment thread for the nazi spammer. If you have anything to rant about, I'll just refer you here, where you belong. This is my final solution for you. Enjoy.


>What did you mean by this? >Do you have a problem with legal immigration? Prove that it's legal. Maybe on this board, somebody will care about that. (Hint: Not me, though.) >More reddit soacing >Are you a potato? >I cant wait until summer ends.. Yes, I am a sentient potato. A sentient jewish potato from the planet Reddit, who will die come winter. Pray for winter.


Also, I just found out that calling new paragraphs "Reddit spacing" is actually a thing among 4channers, and I can't stop laughing. Looking forward to driving you insane by just writing legible stuff. Welcome to Reddit, biatch.


>it's really funny that you call Jews pacifist when Israel is in a perpetual state of war since its inception and every year they commit countless war crimes in order to preserve their state. Israel is not representative of judaism. It is a corrupt, warmongering country run by Benjamin Netanyahu, who uses judaism as war propaganda. Jews are in open opposition to him, and corruption charges are being brought against him as we speak. >If Israelis are pacifist to you, then I guess you should consider Hitler a pacifist too, since he was just trying top preserve the existence of Germany. I also separate Israel from Israelis. Many jews move to Israel because it offers good living conditions. The atrocities and genocide commited by the country, is sort of an afterthought. That's a selfish approach, but it's not a will to go to war.