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This isn't for games per se but to branch off of my Sim-game thread >>4482, I've played around with a few simulators here and there over the years and I'm curious as to what (if anyone) you guys have had the most fun messing around in with. For me, while I do not have access to a computer that can handle the graphics anymore, I really enjoyed modding the shit out of Celestia--a super interactive 3D universe consisting of (mainly) our local galaxy. It's even been utilized by NASA for its accuracies. You can zoom in on planets, moons, asteroids, objects, etc., follow their orbits, simulate being on the object and simulate what it'd be like on it, or launch from it, go back in time, see constellations, etc. Travel faster than the speed of light to distant worlds, stars, and so on. https://celestiaproject.net/ One simulator I came across recently looked like it'd be real fun to fuck around with but you need a decent computer to handle the graphics plus the latest version isn't free unlike Celestia. It's called Universe Sandbox and it simulates physics in space. Want to ram two planets together? Let's do it. How about stars? Fuck them too! http://universesandbox.com/ So, what other simulators have you guys fooled around with and have enjoyed?


>>4512 KSP for me, also as most Unity games it works on linux.


>>4512 Warthog seems pretty fun. I've played it only a few hours, going through the in game tutorials. Learning how to fly those planes from the 70s is hard as fuck