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A strong pain in my abdomen has stirred me from my slumber, and with its voice sharp and clear in my head, it is time to make this sermon, considering the topic in /global/, of autism versus social bonding. Human civilization has prided itself on achieving together what one man can not achieve alone. With cooperation and coordination hunting and gathering boomed, and with industrialization in the 19th century, this coordination has become a necessity of life. However, with it came the concept of society, where mankind was encouraged to also trust and befriend eachother. ...and this social game is nothing by a pyramid scheme that only works in theory - a scheme which will delude the weak ones covering in the dark that they are stronger together. As long as everybody is honest in a social group, everybody will be very informed. However, for that to happen, you need trust, and trust can be broken all too easily. All it takes is some tongue work from a single member of a social group, and deceptive misinformation and seductive lies, will spread like wildfire, ten times as fast as accurate information. As long as everybody covers eachother's needs in a social group, everybody is meant to be better off. However, this assumes that everybody can know and accurately tend to eachother's needs down to one's emotional wellbeing, and that nobody takes advantage of, or socially engineers other people.


Society could work only because of it rejecting antisocial people. However, with human rights springing up in the 19th and 20th century, it was made law to also include psychopaths, traitors and exploiters into it, and after that society quickly fell apart. Lies, deceit and exploitation, is now more common than honesty and loyalty, and the only winners are the psychopaths who can game the trust of the social masses. A "friend" is a very, very poor investment. ...but there is another way than psychopathy, to be selfish: Self-reliability. If you learn how to seek out truth for yourself, not from social groups, but from objective sources, then you will find the truth. If you learn to tend to your own needs, then you will be able to take care of yourself much better than any "friend" ever can. Sheep are weak. Lonewolves are stronger. ...and they don't even need to eat the sheep to remain strong.


Often the social groups maintain their social bonds through social gatherings, when the friendliest appearances will grant psychopaths the opportunity to seduce the masses. Whoever smiles the most will be the biggest shark out looking for a meal. They're only safe gatherings, if everyone is perfectly honest and altruistic, which - as we've seen with communism - doesn't really work. Often "entertainment" will be a theme to gather around, like movies, or games. I'll say this again: Entertainment is nothing but selfdelusion and a waste of time. If you are dedicated to taking care of your body and wellbeing in a proper manner, then you do not have time for entertainment. Thus concludes this sermon. Pain be with you, always.