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Do we have any Explorers of Reality in the house? When was the last time that you went outside? When was the last time that you took a look around you on your trip to the bathroom/fridge/bed? Most people transition from real life sooner or later, but I'm still resisting assimilation. I want to explore the reality that we all left behind. It used to mean something. These things - dinner tables, dust motes - they used to be interacted with, and people used to define that as living. Do you know what I'm talking about? I know I sound like an old boomer, but even I was told to get a job, et cetera. I want to dedicate this thread to exploring reality. Post your finds here. What interactions did you discover today? Did you fix a leaky faucet? Did you maybe even clean your real life room around your computer? ...and I'm not talking about the news - that's just stories that they're feeding you. Whether they're true or not, they're not tangible to you in your immediate vicinity. Let's explore!