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has anybody had any luck using Kali operating system? I know there are a lot of penetration tools on it, some of which I've messed with before. (One day I actually managed to crack the hash on my own password using Cain & Able! I was so fricken proud...) I'm at the point where I know what most of them DO, i just don't know/ have the patience to get them to work. A lot of them seem like really really long walks to do something that it would be a lot simpler to just con someone else out of. Other times, shit seems freaking useless. Like what good is fucking ARP poisoning if you have to be on the same LAN? I want to steal the sooper secryt plans, not get a job working for WeFuckOrphans Inc.


There's nothing special about Kali. It's just another Debian based distro. The people who use it do so for convenience. With Kali they don't have to download all the tools themselves as they come with the distro. You can't effectively use hacking tools if you're not a hacker. If you want to be a hacker, do this: Learn shell scripting. Learn computer networking. Learn computer programming. Learn social engineering. Follow a bunch of hacking blogs/sites to stay up to date on the latest vulnerabilities. Other than that you won't be able to do anything except hack your grandma's wifi and send phishing emails.