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Another encrypted p2p network. http://morph.is I have no idea how it works, or even if it works already, or how good it is. Just giving links...


>>3237 I keep saying this, the problem with these guys making these technologies, is that they are true autists. They absolutely fail at marketing, at presenting the technology to other people. It's like saying "guys we have something super awesome, descentralized, the future of brain connections'. Don't fucking tell, show. Put a fucking screenshot on the very first page showing how using your software actually looks like. Show the experience of using it. Put videos using it on youtube. Everything is so fucking cryptic. Eventually someone will dig through their stuff, install, test, and if it is really something it will spread, but they could really speed up that time with better presentation.

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>>3238 Yeah, i agree, /tech/ies suck at presentation of their work. Maybe we should help them.


>>3239 lel did you check the bottom of the page. The guy posted his own pictuer and his story, he has been programming (professionally) since 12. A real autist. https://morph.is/v0.8/#contact I really want to understand his technology, but fuck I have been working during weekends even this whole month. Not about to delve into it just to get a glimpse of what it actually is doing


Lulz. Try actually reading the shit he writes. He sounds like a completely delusional faggot with a messiah complex.