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I need your help /nsa/. While lurking 8ch, I came across a thread, http://8ch.net/b/res/4414991.html I downloaded the file, and have been running a brute force attack on it ever sense. It make take days, but wat if it really is the jackpot. I'm willing to take the risk. Anyways, I am the poster that derailed the thread, claiming it to be a 160MB hitler mp4, as I don't want those fags to claim responsibility for leaking it.. This was prob a bad idea, as they needed as much help as they could get, and my laptop could take years brute forcing the password on this webm. I will report back if and when, my ol laptop ever figures out the password. Also, lets race, anyone got a better program? I'm using the slow ass fcrackzip on windows lel


>>3022 Just in case that thread 404's, heres the current archive, https://archive.is/UHOkk


>>3022 OP here, still running fcrackzip.. its currently on jgl***


>>3024 do you use linux?