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help i just got a new iMac and i would like to install linux mint 17.2 xcfe version on it. the reason i choose mint is because i am relatively inexperienced when it comes to computers and reading the other threads on this board i found that it is ideal for beginners. Help please


Why not OSX? Also I'd like to be able to run Tails on mine using a flashdrive...


>>2881 i intend on eventually moving up to tails or a more customizable linux distro. but I'm starting with mint. i don't like osx


>>2881 >why not OSX because it's a pile of shit >citation needed if you want evidence I'm happy to give it but for now this will do >>2882 tails is not a permanent distro by the way, it is a live environment meant for use on the go. >>2880 isn't linux mint xfce version just xubuntu? Either way the only way I have ever managed to install anything Apple doesn't want on Apple laptops is by tearing apart the casing, removing the hdd, inserting it into a normal desktop pc that will allow you to do all the things you want. then wipe the hdd and install preferred distro on said hdd via live cd or bootable pen drive. After this is done re-insert the hdd into your Apple laptop and it should boot it normally. It will also be a good idea to check that your normal desktop PC can boot it first to ensure that the boot sector was installed properly and that the bios can read it well. Apple uses UEFI I think which is a horrible system integrated version of bios that allows the manufacturer to restrict you a hell of a lot more, you shouldn't need to mess around with this but in case you do (to set up boot priority when you reinsert the hdd) look up guides for your laptop online, there will be tutorials etc. If you want to post your laptop brand/specs here we might be able to help a little more


>>2883 i have a 21.5" mid 2014 iMac. will i need to make a partition if i don't intend to dual boot?