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I am in need of advice chums I need a secure mail service, for sensitive communication. The person I am trying to setup communication with is a journalist, and has no experience with freenet or tor type services. read complete retard. I was looking at Safe-mail.net anyone have any other recommendations?


>>2757 Safe mail is in Israel based so I hope you or your journalist isnt in the middle east. Only mail service I know is StartMail but I don't believe it's that secure. It requires purchasing a subscription and they're based in the Netherlands so in order to comply with Dutch tax authorities they are obliged to store at least the country where our users will use their products. https://www.startmail.com


>>2758 Thanks, I found a service which will allow me to send mails to clearnet should you ever need it http://sigaintevyh2rzvw.onion


I use Torbox on Tor, it's easy and fast