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Hey, /nsa/ Since the new changes to Masterchan's CSS, have brought on a new account system. Several questions have been asked of how friendly this new account system is to Tor users in particular. As we all know you shouldn't be logging into a regular account using Tor, over several sessions. This completely eliminates any anonymity you might have sought using Tor. Having read some of the comments from the global thread over the past several days, an idea come up which might make this new anonymous account system viable for Tor users. This idea is, >we share accounts That's right, if you are using Tor, each time you want to upload images or create a new thread you simply have to look for a shared Anon ID and password. You can post with this shared Anon account, as much as you'd like or as little as you'd like. Sharing accounts is allowed under the new rules. If we all use a few Anon accounts and alternate between several accounts during one Tor session, we can make this new system work in a manner that doesn't tie as onto one account over several Tor sessions. Using Tor with this websites has been part of Masterchan culture since the beginning, our GADMIN has set up a system of Anonymous accounts that truly respects our privacy. Using proxies and Tor is generally encouraged here, and the site layout allows us to do just that. Taking all this into consideration ITT we post accounts that have more than 5 posts tied to them, post the Anon ID and the password. When you post with these shared accounts please do not spam threads with them or post illegal content. Help /nsa/ keep Tor users anonymous under these new rules, consider this a public service from /nsa/ to the Masterchan community. Help make new shared anon accounts, post with them. And most importantly stay anonymous.