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1) Golden Rule: When discussing anything, use arguments to explain your position. Saying an opinion is right/wrong or that something is good/bad without justification is frowned upon. This rule exists to inspire a culture where users expect arguments from posters, to prevent viral marketeers/shills and also to prevent people from making accusations of them.
2) Featured boards must maintain a degree of elitism for On Topic threads that is enforced by their administrators. Featured boards must contain quality content that requires intelligence and maturity to be understood and appreciated.
3) You must be at least 30 years old to post on ccluster.
4) Do not post illegal content by US Laws or Amsterdam laws (where our server is located).
5) Do not post links where you must skip an ad before viewing the content.
6) Spam is considered as a method to censor or ruin other user's threads and you may be punished for doing so.

/nsa/ FAQ:

Q: Is tor safe? A: It is relatively safe as long as you disable javascript via NoScript. Obviously there are more lengths you can go to for safety like tails, but tor is sufficient for most people Q: What simple things can I do to become more safe A: If you don't want to go full blown tor or tails/openbsd, you can have firefox with the changes mentioned in the sticky to become inconspicious and prevent 3rd party tracking etc. Warning: This will not make you anonymous and should not be relied on for more sensitive browsing! Q: How do I change my dynamic IP A: having a dynamic IP means your ISP has a set of IPs that they lease to a collection of places and can occasionally (and very rarely at that) change what IPs are allocated to whom. That being said it is possible that your provider will allocate you with a new IP if you renew/release your IP. The best way to do this is basically to ipconfig/release then turn off your router and you will want to leave it off for as long as you can (this increases the chances that your ISP will allocate you a different IP due to new customers requesting IPs and your old one being free) then when you turn your router on again, boot up and ipcofig/renew Q: How do I know if a software is safe? A: Check for the license, if it is an open source license then you should be fine. https://tldrlegal.com/ Q: I want to contact you about something that might be too delicate to discuss within a thread A: You can email me at tutelary-technology@yandex.com I will try and respond to any questions, concerns or suggestions Q: How do I style my browser A: (Assuming firefox derivative) download firebug, then head to chrome://browser/content/browser.xul