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You Should Have Left is a stupid movie. It's stupid mainly because it's Angel Heart all over again. Angel Heart is a movie from 1987, that had a fairly okay twist back then, and you might want to watch it before reading onwards, because I'm going to spoil it for you down below: It turns out that the protagonist is some kind of mass murderer, only he has repressed all his murders, and so everything is just weird around him, while he appears to be an innocent victim, and in the end the devil makes him remember and takes him to hell. It's not the most solid of plots, because that's a very incredible kind of insanity, but it was unique for its time. Now: Does this plot twist sound familiar to you? Have you seen a movie just like that? Well, for some fucking reason, a good chunk of all horror movie mysteries, has that exact same fucking twist. Things are just weird at random, for no reason, and in the end, "It was just the Devil messing with ya, and you have selective amnesia, and you're in purgatory.". ...and You Should Have Left is so fucking random with its shit, that it's like the product of a brainstorming session full of potheads. The only thing that is somewhat coherent, is that the wife was having an affair, gets found out, and it goes nowhere, because all the devil stuff gets in the way. ...so don't fucking waste your time with this movie, fellow pedophiles. You have better things to do.