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Daa dadadadaaa, daaa daaa daaa... Daa dadadadaaa, NIGGERMAN! Watch out: Niggerman is here to rape your women and steal your bikes. I don't even care anymore: If you want to turn me racist, you got it, Hollywood. Mission accomplished. This is some Blazing Saddles bullshit and you know it. This is just pure blackface. This is Niggerman. Not going to watch this movie - I'm just going to make up the plot in my head. Brightburn now has a cousin: Niggerman, from the planet Negron. His kryptonite is books. Fuck you.


>>803 Why do people have such a fetish for forced diversity? Anyway, I recommend you watch meteor man, 10/10 movie


>>804 I think it's really strange as well. Everyone thinks it looks ridiculous, nobody's watching most of these movies, the sales figures are awful, but still they keep pushing blackface. I'm thinking those diversity hires have planted a bunch of black racists in these companies, but even so, it's such obvious destructive bullshit that there also has to be a lack of sanity going on. This SJW crap goes on at Warner Bros, at Roll20, at MIT, everywhere, and nobody even thinks it's a bad idea. Is it a fear of protests, or what? Why don't they just install high pressure water cannons? Oh, that's right: "Human rights" and shit. See, this is what happens if you give the commonfolk rights: They rise up.


Fuq You Racist Hater Beoches!!!