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Just finished watching Sadako - the 2019 reboot of Ringu (which is the Japanese The Ring). Looking back, the Ringu series was inferior to The Ring, so I didn't expect much, and nothing much happened either. I'm really bored of this movie series. What made The Ring great, was the blurring of video footage and real life, which presented a sort of existential dread where it felt like even real life wasn't real enough. I hear that this is further adressed in the books, where Sadako is described as a sort of Matrix virus. ...but without this, Samara/Sadako is just an undead in a dress, and can do little more than advance toward you and grab you, and "for some reason" turn you insane and dead. I wanted more like the first The Ring, and I realize now that I will never get that. It's over. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC784h-bwV4


>>798 are you saying the american remake of ringu was good?


>>799 By far the only good movie in the entire series, and I've watched them all. It features a superior style, a superior twist, and a superior theme. ...but what I would have liked to see, is The Ring Two focusing more on the relativity of reality, rather than "Oh no! Ghosts! Children!", because it was the The Matrix approach that was scary. The Ring Two is still the second best movie in the series, though, since it still has that otherworldly art style. The Japanese are just weird when it comes to ghosts - they see a girl in a sheet and they just go absolutely bananas. ...and no matter how much I've read on the subject of "yurei", I've never understood that. Get a grip!


>>800 ok I was just checking if you're retarded, probably the same guy who did that joker thread. I imagine you are just trying to get a rise out of people but whatever man :/ like I said before best to go to a more active site.


>>801 So instead of just writing trolly garbage, have you tried having your own opinion for once? ...like revealing what YOUR favourite Ringu movie is, and why? ...or aren't you old enough to form opinions yet? Is this all that you can do yet?