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Gonna review the 2016 movie Morgan. Spoiler warning. I've already watched this movie, two years prior to this movie. Back then it was called Ex Machina and it was a much, much better movie. The story of this movie is just a sloppy mess. It features a research branch with no professionalism in it, developing something slow and useless, and every piece of dialogue is made to be as ambiguous and "mysterious" as possible, just to hook your attention along, and in the end there's just no resolve: Was Morgan good or bad? Nobody knows. All that we know is that she could cry a lot. For all we know, she was just human, which is no surprise, since we're shown that she is half human form the beginning. There's just nothing going on here. ...and nobody can handle a firearm in this movie. They always want to use their guns at point blank, and they spill ammo all over the floor. I've come to expect this sort of emotional meltdown from Ridley Scott's works, and apparently his son is the same. ...so to sum it up, Morgan was Ex Machina without anything being clever. The ending twist was predictable as well, so it wasn't clever either. It was just another insult to rationality. 2 out of 5.


>>783 is it so bad that its funny or just straight out boring?


>>784 It's a "Get to the point!" kind of movie: It sets up a premise - Is Morgan good or bad? - and then it just meanders around narrowingly avoiding that premise, and ultimately never resolves it. It's an irrational, emotional movie. If you like that sort of tone, then I guess watching people behaving like absolute morons and lunatics, could be exciting to you.