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Saw this last night. It was a good movie to kill time. I heavily enjoyed it. I won't spoil anything but it is as with most Asian movies - I just didn't quite like the ending But other than that the whole 2hrs was a good watch

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Making a late dinner & will watch this in a bit Will report back when I'm done


I know it is just preference but I enjoyed "The Thieves" just a tad more than "The Con Artists" Either way they were both very good and I recommend them to people who enjoy Asian action/thriller movies This is Action/Humor but this is probably a bit why I like "The Thieves" a bit more since it has this guy and I saw him in movie below and it was REALLY funny & good so I highly recommend movie below for Action/Humor series akin to maybe......Get Smart? Or that Mr. Bean movie where he is a spy. Like that but Asian http://mydramalist.com/5947-secretly-greatly