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Why the hell do I need to "right click > open in new tab" on every image on the explore page for the damn link to work? Even the "next" button won't work unless I also do "right click > open in new tab" on it.


Is your firewall preventing you from opening "popups"? ...because for me the tab opens automatically, but maybe you have to manually ALLOW the tab to open. I bet that you can set an exception for enrive.org somewhere in your firewall's popup whitelist.


It would probably help Gadmin to reveal what browser and firewall you're using. Especially browser.


>>7520 >firewall Or in your adblock settings..

Media deleted

>>7521 >>7519 Yeah, please let me know. It works as intendex on firefox, with left click it opens the image/thread in a new tab and an ad tab as well