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Hey cock smooch, r9k filter when? The spammer is literally copy/paste, The same fucking post dozens of times in a row. Either pull the plug or give a fuck nig nog..

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>>7323 Report helps, but I guess it's easier to whine about it, eh?


>>7324 Spam filters help too when they're utilized


>>7329 They are tons of them, it takes about 12 hours to circumvent them. In the end of the day it's one guy that apparently has no life and all he does is spam (I'm presuming this and other sites). People posts things and just ignore the spam, I do what I can while I'm on line which is not 24/7 so spam happens. AFAIK there's one other guy reporting, he's a big help and I can tell when he's on or not, if the other 3 would help too it would be almost impossible for the spammer to trash the site, but again... it's easier to whine about it.


>>7330 I could report the spam but since Gad decided to ignore this place, I don't see the point anymore. This place is just another dead chan now


>>7341 >I could report the spam but Yeah, whine is easier.