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1) Golden Rule: When discussing anything, use arguments to explain your position. Saying an opinion is right/wrong or that something is good/bad without justification is frowned upon. This rule exists to inspire a culture where users expect arguments from posters, to prevent viral marketeers/shills and also to prevent people from making accusations of them.
2) Featured boards must maintain a degree of elitism for On Topic threads that is enforced by their administrators. Featured boards must contain quality content that requires intelligence and maturity to be understood and appreciated.
3) You must be at least 30 years old to post on ccluster.
4) Do not post illegal content by US Laws or Amsterdam laws (where our server is located).
5) Do not post links where you must skip an ad before viewing the content.
6) Spam is considered as a method to censor or ruin other user's threads and you may be punished for doing so.

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