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It is time for a new /b/admin. We've had a few of them in the past. Some doxxed themselves and I let them go, some just didn't work out, and I'm not sure what happened to the very last one. If the discord admin is someone who enjoys something like 4chan's old /b/, I would give the board to him, since he seems like someone that cares and puts work into things, given what he did with our discord. If he is not interested, I will give it to a random pun anon and let's hope he does a good job. And if there are people who strongly want to /b/admin even if discord admin wants as well, I can do some sort of lottery to see who wins. What I can't do right now is have multiple mods for /b/ at this moment, it would not work well due to a lack of mod audit tool. In the past, I kinda tried letting badmins sort their own rules, and just asked to try and make something that rewards creativity, but I felt the rules were always messy and not objective. So this time I'm handing down the rules I feel work well with an official /b/ board, and ask that the admin respects it: >1) On topic threads are for creative content. Someone saying something that wasn't said before, someone asking users to post cows on fish chan, people making their own variations of some image. Anything that is creative or inspires people to be creative. As philosoraptor says, it can't be called random if it is always the same threads and reposts. >2) Anything else is off topic. Political discussions, talking about people (especially if in romantic or sexual manner), waifus, personal blog posts, requests. This is to ensure we never end like 4chan's /b/, which was once the main board now has become a boring place for posting porn.

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>>25840 >What overweighs in such a case? I'd say #1 always overweights all, as long as the thread's theme, the main point of it, is really not something mostly #2 related with a little #1 on top. I've always said in the past, /b/ will always be a subjective board to moderate, and it is ok to make mistakes sometimes - it is not like a thread will disappear because of that. But with simple rules and mods having a feel for it should not be difficult either. So the thread you are talkign about, seems like #2 with minor #1, I'd off topic it. I might try to mod /b/ myself for a while, since I haven't got a shot at it yet. Since the start I gave to other people like fey. But I don't want to moderate it on the long run at all

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