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EAST vs WEST Why the conflict between the East and the West is inevitable The conflict between the East and the West is not just one of many random recent geopolitical realities. I want to demonstrate that this conflict existed for at least thousand years (if not more). The people of the East (mainly Slavs) and people of the West (mainly Germans) always have been in a state of war and always will be. The conflict arises from the disparity of how Slavic people and Germanic people understand civilization. While Germans understand it as an unit of power, that stretches across as large territory as possible and achieves this by exterminating all the conquered people, Slavs understand civilization as an unit of cultural harmony, inhabited by people of common language and mindset, which is achieved by assimilation of conquered people. That is why a large percent of modern day Slavs are actually assimilated Avars and many other Euro-Asian nomad groups. Germans on the other hand don't allow assimilation of non-germanic groups, because they believe in a bloodline purity. Both groups of course believe in superiority of their approach. Germans even went so far as to call Slavs uncivilized, simply because they their definition of civilization is so different that they don't even see the Eastern-European civilization as civilized. Such claims often based upon some economical statistics, as if wealth would always go hand in hand with being civilized. Of course this is kinda true about the other side as well. Slavs definitely have trouble to see how wiping out conquered ethnic groups is not barbaric.


Another difference is that while Germans are much more individualist, Slavs are way more collectivist. Germans understand the world as eternal struggle of everybody against everybody else where you can count only on yourself. Slavs on the other hand believe that society should be much more about cooperation than conflict. That's why a slavic person is much closer to Asian people than to European people in mindset. Germans are also cowards adhering to selective morals. They are sadistic bullies who love to torture others, but when the tides turn and they get bullied in turn, they always start to play the victim card, like cowards they are. The numerous unspeakable war crimes they have committed during WWII are a proof of that. Of course Germans always deny their crimes. "That is all just propaganda, it didn't happen", they say. That is their game: Commit horrible crimes and then pretend that it didn't happen, so you can try again (and harder) in the future. It's a never-ending cycle of mass murder and denial. Of course this tactic works on clueless Americans, but it can't work on anybody who knows personally eye witnesses of these crimes. In my opinion Slavs should never forgive Germans for what they have done to us. Never. And we should definitely prevent them from trying to exterminate us ever again. And you can be sure that they will try again. They will never stop. It's in their blood. I would rather see Slavic countries overtaken by China than see them fall into German hands ever again. We should always remember what happened the last time Germans took over Slavic territories. And also (as I already mentioned) I think that Slavs would have it easier to understand the Chinese civilization than the Germanic kind of civilization due to similarities in mindset.


Indians, they appear quite timid and pacifist, but it's all an act. They'll love to be your friend, but then all of a sudden they get nukes and start nuking the world out of nowhere. Nobody knows why. Never trust an Indian - especially Gandhi.