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Some footage from the upcoming sonic movie got leaked What do you think?


It think that this movie is supposed to pander to a bunch of 40 year old virgins, who are 40 year old virgins exactly because of their autistic fascination with children's games. This movie is for mental retards, Sonic being their icon. I'm not saying that people who's into Sonichu deserve bad things to happen to them. I'm just saying that compared to Chrischan, I'm a normal person. ...so go enjoy your movie. I heard they fixed Sonic now. Good for you. I also heard there's a new Pokémon out, where they've just give up on colors for the undertitles and have just started throwing objects at them. You're a bunch of Japanese drones and you don't even care.

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>>233291 >Some footage from the upcoming sonic movie got leaked


KEK I'm surprised they got Jaleel White to return for Sonic, but who knows what else he has going on.