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I've been fucking a lot of children. (It's legal in my country - don't worry.) I've been aiming for a steady relationship, but it's hard when the parents are so intent on breaking you up and involving the police for no reason. My oldest have probably been 35, then 28, then 21. My latest was 35, and she screwed around behind my back a lot, and insisted that I should get checked for STDs. ...so while I've had no symptoms for years, I want to start fucking kids again, so I'm finally having myself checked. Staying pure and being disease free is important, especially when you're a pedo. I've learned by lesson from adults. Never fuck adults. They are disgusting and disloyal.


>>232928 >It's legal in my country - don't worry. May I ask what country that is, so I can move there too?


>>232929 There's plenty to choose from, actually. Just search for age of consent by country.


Good news, everyone! While they didn't do all the tests, the tests they did said that I'm clear for fucking children again. I can't believe it, considering how much it burned the last time, but I guess it was just her cunt being unhygienic or something. I don't say that you should wash your cunts, because they're supposed to take care of themselves, but maybe she wiped back to front or something - I dunno. Jesus, I can't believe I fucked a bitch with a burning cunt.