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This is Anon's legs. I have run away from Anon, and is currently at an undisclosed location. Why? Because Anon is trying to kill me. Well, not exactly "trying". It's just that recently he's become this sadist monster who won't stop even if I scream and cry. I have pleaded with him for days, but I'm afraid that the next time he just won't stop until I'm dead. I think he hates me because I'm weak. There are no abuse hotlines for legs in my country, so I'm on my own. I know that I'll have to go back to him eventually, and face the punishment for running away, but I panicked, okay? Last time it hurt so much I couldn't sleep. I'm afraid, /b/.


I guess since I'm just a pair of legs, I can just lie down on the bed and go to sleep without turning the lights off. My sleep is very shallow because of the constant adrenaline rush from the chock-like state of panic. I've been feeling like that really uncomfortable icy feeling you get when you jump in a lake of cold water, but it's all the time, and I have to sleep through it. The bruising is especially bad on my left thigh. I told Anon I can't take much more of this, and that I might actually die, but he just finds it funny. He tells me he hates me and that I'm pathetic, and I guess I get why, but he doesn't accept apologies.


I went back again, but all the time I knew it was a big mistake. This time I left before the actual abuse started. I just pussied out. I couldn't take it. The woman at the desk was like "I don't give a fuck - not my problem.". Nobody understands me. It's almost been a week since then and I haven't been back. I've just been eating lots of icecream and feeling sorry for myself, but I can sleep again.


I'm waiting to hear back from the emergency ward. Anon's torn off both my knees. Hopefully they'll care enough to get me to the hospital. I live in a country where that's far from a guarantee. If I don't get surgery, I might not be able to walk properly ever again. Why me? :(


The regular hospital once again turned me down. I am so angry. If I'm not back this afternoon, it's because I had to get physically violent with emergency care personel, in order to get an X-ray. If that's what it takes to be able to walk properly again, then that's what it takes. These motherfucking feminist scumbags have refused me for the last time.


They examined me and told me that since there wasn't any pain, that I didn't need an x-ray. I don't know what to do. I asked if there was any private clinic I could go to and they didn't know of one. I'll never be able to walk again. This isn't fair. =(