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Why do we need to endure the potato fleshbrains? Why don't they know their place and learn to respect their autist overlords? We need to start building camps to contain them all. These socialite potato fleshbrains annoy me so much. Freedom of speech needs to be earned. Erect schools that grade their rights! All sites should require a license to post in - a proof that there's at least some degree of genuine autism in them. #AutismNow


Like worms they crawl amongst themselves, thinking they live up to the honoric of "human being" - these uneducated, unmotivated sheep-drones who think that breathing makes you worthy of speech in the presence of a purebred autist. Kneel, knaves! I need a whip at my hip to bring to these insolent excuses for life. Go back to the fields and sow your potatos, because our patience is wearing thin!


We autists are the upholders of civilization, but judging by all the socialites squirming about, somewhere we obviously went wrong. Now these braindamaged cretins think they has what it takes to be our equals. Ungrateful maggots! Who gave you your mobile phones? Who programmed your OS? We did. Why we didn't develop genital cages on all of you, eludes me, but maybe we thought that if we just gave you the internet to enlighten yourselves with, that we could ascend you savages to our level. ...but instead you invented cancer: Forum communities, memes, popularity contests... You gave us PewDiePie, for fuck's sake! This was a mistake. Obviously you are not ready for freedom.