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I just examined my anus with a finger for the first time in a year, I think. My sphincter is like 3 centimeter deep by now - super-buff. I thought it would be torn and shit, but it's smooth and tight, so I don't get why I'm getting these mishaps where things slip past it. When I sat down today in public there was this loud, wet splat, and I'm like "Great. ~-~; ", but luckily it didn't leak all the way through my pants. I don't give a fuck anymore. I can't rush home every time I shit my pants - I have a life. Pic related. It's the shape of my anal canal.


I think my anus would honestly make a little boy very happy. I wonder if his little penis would even be able to get past the tight part, and into the rectum proper, but regardless, having his entire shaft being enveloped in my girthy muscle and at mercy of my milking, would be little boy heaven. I'd suck the seed out of him in no-time.


What I'd love is the sheer domination of it all: Having a little boy cling onto me from behind for his dear life, like he's worshipping a giant motherly goddess, at the mercy of my slightest whim, me knowing that I can make grant him the release he seeks so desperately, at any moment I choose, by just toyingly clenching my asshole a little, constricting around his most intimate little part. I like the power of it - that I can make his day just by a little playful twitch, and then feeling his sperm spurt into me in absolute worship, as I giggle with amusement at how pitiful he is. Adult men lack that respect. I want to be the sole source of release for somebody, like the only source of oxygen, and I want mindless adoration of my merest whim. I want a whole class full of boys just following me like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, transfixed on my swaying hips like the promised Eden.


It wouldn't even matter if he'd consent or not. It would be so sweet to just back him up against a wall and just mash his willie in as far as it could go, and just hear him ultimately gasp out an orgasm in defeat, completely powerless to resist my little butthole. I think I get off on humiliating and defeating people. Power is something I just can't get enough of. I'm just this shameless power glutton. I deserve everything that this planet has to offer me. Give it to me!