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Ask a pedophile who's soaked in sweat anything. (Yes, you may lick me if you're gentle.)


Sweat is sin leaving the body. Pedophiles who keep it inside them, don't deserve to live. Children who you want to fuck, must first lick the sweat off your chest, and if you have none, you don't deserve to fuck children. Sweat first. Fuck later.


Some pedophiles choose to die. They choose to deny the world around them, and let society lul them into some kind of fucking make-belief security, when in reality they'd be dead if only one wrong word was uttered. Everyone around them would just drop what they're doing, and beat them to death. If you're a pedophile, you don't live in a peaceful society. You are at war. ...and you better start acting like it. Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat. You better stop staring at that screen of yours, if you want to choose life. You're not allowed any other way. When they find out, you either drop them, or they drop you.


You break the body. You heal the body. You grow the body. You break the body. You heal the body. You grow the body. This is the flux cycle of the flesh of the pedophile that makes it worthy of life. Those who stray from this path deserve to be eaten.


Man, I've missed the bench. I just did my first set in forever - maybe a whole YEAR ago. I used it as an off-loading surface - so disrespectful. I'm sorry I neglected you, my love.


I feel the dom aches begin to spread through my body now. Tomorrow is going to be painful - a challenge, with screams and shit. Looking forward to the screaming, probably because I'm such a whore. Hear me moan, world! Fuck me hard, won't you?! I think it's cute when my flesh thinks it's going to die. It triggers adrenaline so that I can't sleep (and obviously post stupid shit on here), and when I do, it's a sort of unruly sleep. It feels like taking a mental shower. Brings focus and clarity. I love it when the clouds of illusion scatter and reality burns into the retina of my mind's eye. The antipedo wants to kill me, and so I must beat my flesh until it understands this, and adapts. I fucking need to eat more. Ate pizza yesterday. Gained nothing. I don't want to be lean, since I need fat to burn in order to grow. Are you that pedo who deserves to live yet, anon? Tell me you're at least aspiring to be - that you're not just wasting your life away in front of a screen, when you've got all this motivation going for you. Be grateful that people want to kill you, fellow pedophiles. They are cheering you on. Gotta take my supps now - my morning zinc and coffeine pills. Will shut up now.