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Bring out your gunts! While Ethan Ralph will probably always remain the uncontested Gunt Master, I have somewhat of a gunt as well. Do you have a gunt? Can I see? In this thread we will discuss gunts, and gunt related things. ...like gunt crease rashes. Do you wash your gunts or do you just let it fester? Have you ever ordered a hooker to lick your gunt rash? What did she tell you it tasted like? These things are important, damnit! We need to know this, for science!


Just look at this non-pedo: Gunt hanging out. Lives with his mom. Drinks himself unconscious and pisses himself in his sleep. Scams people for money. This is what a non-pedophile looks like. Don't be this guy. #PedoPrideWorldwide


There's a guy on my block who actually has a way bigger gunt that Ralph's. Ralph is at the point where he COULD cover it up with a large enough shirt, but he just WON'T, but the guy on my block is just way past that point. I feel sorry for that guy. Something must be medically wrong with him, but on the other hand wouldn't any doctor take one look at him and go "You know, we should take some samples of your thyroid hormones, because your gut is beginning to reach for your knees here, and that just can't be right."? I mean no matter how much icecream you cram into yourself, the human gut can't possibly extend to Ralph's level, without there being something wrong with your physiology. At least my neighbor has a smooth gunt. Ralph's gunt looks like his gunt is puking out itself, and it's all chunky. It looks like his muffin top hasn't even baked.


Ladies and gentlemen of the internet: Today I have beheld my dick. I don't remember the last time I've seen my dick, except for in a mirror, but today, when I held it out, it managed to peek just past my gunt. It's still hanging in there, the little rascal. Please fuck me, women. Anyone? Any single, blind goats who won't buckle under the weight of my gunt? I have a penis now.