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Admin how do i delete a board i created? it says i cant if its been over 15 minutes? if you could delete the spam and youtublinks i would appreciate it, you can see that i created them and would like them gone,


I'm not seeing any spam or YouTube links on any recently created board, or any such board, for that matter. What's the name of your board?


>>232258 please delete these pages..thank you admin https://enrive.org/SPAM/thread/409#463 https://enrive.org/youtubelinks/thread/1#16>>232258


>>232264 Those were created over 15 minutes ago. They're here to stay.


>>232257 >you can see that i created them >>232264 >https://enrive.org/SPAM/thread/409#463 you did not create that post liar, because i made that post don't censor others by claiming you had posted it and just didn't make it in time to delete your posts yourself