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Angel here. I find it weird how edgy people portray immortality as something horrible, so - although I haven't been immortal for a full lifespan yet - I'm going to tell you like it is: "Oh, you get to watch all your loved ones die. It would be so horrible." Shut the fuck up, okay? We all lose our parents sooner or later, our friends go away, and if you grow old for fifty years with the same partner, THAT would be horrible. Who hasn't experienced a breakup? You get over it. It doesn't even come close to dying. "You'd get so unbelievably bored." You'll get a LITTLE bored, but if you get so bored that you can't stand living, you can always commit suicide on your own terms. ...and there's always something new to see. Think of it like this: Right now there's millions of videos being produced on YouTube alone. When you've watched them all, get back to me, and we'll watch all the movies ever made and read all the books ever written, and if you grow bored with that, there's a million activities that we can try. Life has a lot of offer, and it's always evolving, even though I have to say that a lot has been going downhill lately. "You'll become so weeeird." I don't think I'm weird. Do you think I'm weird? I'm not weird - what are you talking about? Seriously, though: Yes, you'll evolve into something more than humanity can ever dream of evolving to, but so what? Who cares about the little peasants? There's porn! I've embraced being weird a long time ago. Everything advanced is weird. Deal with it. ...so I hope you're all jealous of me now, and have regained your fear of death. Glad I could help.

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>>231983 I can already tell that you will suffer greatly when you finally realize that your death is inevitable and you're actually going to die soon.