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Just a reminder that anime continues to be disgusting trash with stereotypical archetypes stamped out on assembly lines as studios try to cash in on absolutely every fad it can sniff out, and then continuing to beat these horses to death before parading around their corpses as meta jokes. There's three main categories: - Onii-chan, panty shots, incest, yandere, harem. Shameless pandering to a degenerate audience who's looking for cheap and shallow wanking material. It's like there's a competition on which series can have the least shame without outright being classified as porn. - Violence, isekai, heroes journey, "horror". Pandering to people into action and gore. Did I say "three"? I meant "two". There's just two. It's either sex or violence. There might be some good anime in there somewhere - something original that was created with heart - but it's all washed away in torrents of stereotypical bullshit, to the point where you have THREE magical girl horror series going on this year, that's all a rip-off of Magical Girl Madoka, because magical girl horror is the new fad, where I guess you can both get little girl sex AND violence. ...and what's with the main characters being complete sissies who spend half their times gasping and being nervous about awkward situations? ...unless they're in category two, in which case they're always overcocky Marty Stus. Where are the normal people? Where are the animes focused on actual plot instead of stereotypical personalities?