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Hey, look, everybody! Rick & Morty is back with another season! Season 4! Wubba-something-something! Is it anime if it's western? I don't know! ...but maybe you've forgotten what the show was all about. No worries! Digibro is here to summarize all of season 3 for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uP-2N4p_b4 0:00 - Episode 1 40:39 - Episode 2 1:15:53 - Episode 3 1:44:59 - Episode 4 2:06:13 - Episode 5 2:33:15 - Episode 6 2:58:18 - Episode 7 3:26:08 - Episode 8 3:57:49 - Episode 9 4:26:59 - Episode 10


>>2345 but why are you shilliong your JewTube videos so hard?


>>2348 Gadmin told me to. Two nights ago I felt something stirring underneath the covers. I lifted them, and I saw Gadmin staring back at me. "It's cold out there.", he said. "...but I believe in you. I want to you fart really hard for me, okay? Just don't hold back - fart like it was the last fart in the universe." As he started to slowly fade away, his last words were: "I need it for the advertiiisemeeents..." At first I didn't really know how. I was already farting pretty hard. ...but then it came to me: What board is for just nothing but endless farts? Anime. Anime is just nothing but endless farts. ...and who is the top shitposter of Anime? Digibro. Digibro is the master farter of the internet. It's like he's inhaling methane - he never stops. ...so it's brilliant: Just sub to Digibro, and just spam everything that he spams, and viola! Op topic content worthy of ad money! Soon enough this board will be swarm with little drones that we call "anime fans", who will generate their own content by talking about their favourite shows, and Gadmin can just sit back and enjoy the cash flow. It's brilliant!