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One of the top things that I hate, besides the concept autism going on in each show, is that everybody is cookie cutter personalities: "She is like this, all the time, no matter what." ...and I don't even care! Not only are the people not behaving like people, but all the dialogue is focused on expressing their waifu traits, just for otakus to mastubate to, with the occational upskirt. For me these entire scenes are completely worthless and pointless. I don't want to see the protagonists having picnics, and I don't want to see them engage with the thematic gadget of the series, as if they were some kind of pet hamsters. ...yet this is all that we're fed. We're drowning in commercialized garbage meant to distract us from real life. This is just visual drugs: Empty sugarcoated bullshit! I want to burn these studios down! This trash needs to be banned!


...but it's not just the studios doing this. This pigeonholing actually started from the fans, who wants to watch more of people like Asuka or Rei, in other shows after they've ended, and so they search for these terms, to find other shows with new Asukas and new Reis, so that they can continue to masturbate endlessly. It's all a bunch of visual drugs - mountains of waifu-pills being showed into the willing masses. Meanwhile the rainforests are being burned down, and life slowly being extinguished, but you don't care, because you've got shows to watch. I want they to switch the tables on you. I want them to start making shows that aim to drive you to suicide. ...so that you kill yourselves. Population Control anime. You didn't do anything for this planet anyway. Let's get rid of the grubs that never turned to mature people. Suicide waifus, who will love you unconditionally after death, and who falls in love with slit wrists and suicide. Do it for her, anons.


There is good anime out there, but it requires people with higher IQ to want to watch them


>>2337 why are you watching shows designed for young children and expecting deep character progression?


>>2340 I guess you have a point: Most anime is made for simpleminded children. The weeaboos do claim the opposite, though. ...and when you have a guro yandere anime, why would it be for children? ...but I guess that's like asking why Call of Duty would be for children: We're just feeding children death and upskirts at this point, and hoping they'll turn out fine. I guess I'm ultimately glad that there's nothing I like from the pastel drug factory. No entertainment but what we make for ourselves, in the real world. I'll just have to imagine the pastels.