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So this is a thread to discuss exhentai and it's new access method. After the recent freakout of the sites host and subsequent downtime there have been rumours of its ownership passing to another etc etc. The main thing now is that you are able to access the website using devices/systems that have previously used the website but if you have a new device/system and try to access it using the manipulation of cookies that was accepted before it simply gives you "Unable to connect" error. I have tried many manipulations of the cookies and even the useragent for the browser to mimic that of the browser I can access the site with on another device but to no avail. tl;dr: in this thread ways of accessing exhentai if you have bought a new computer.


Ok nevermind, it was just my browser not automatically directing me through https :):):):):):):):):


What a journey.


>>2296 isn't ex hentai ded?