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I just want to express how much I LOATHE anime, and Japan in general. It is a country for faggots. They TRY to be manly, but they just fail every time. Even the women are faggots! Anime is just full of sparkles and faggotry. Especially nowadays the protagonists are always little girls, because that's what Japanese men identifies with. Fucking hell, anime is so embarrassing to watch it almost makes me cry! I like the idea of mature cartoons, but there's no maturity in these travesties! Depicted is Niles Crane. No Japanese man would even measure up to his brother Frasier - Frasier would just be too manly for Japan! The whole country makes me cringe! Why are you soyboys watching this stuff?!


...and it's so INSANE! The Japanese okatus have NO respect for reality AT ALL! It is frightening how schizoid they are, and how they grow to be anime and game producers that make their own abominable canon expansions on things. I want a government organ to regulate just how much BULLSHIT is put into Japanese media. Force these motherfuckers to conform to reality! Make them grow up! It's like when I refer to them as "sissies", it's actually an insult to sissies, because at least sissies can cope with the world around them somewhat! The Japanese are something else! Fund proper mental health projects over there!


MAN it feels to so good to not be called a troll for once. It's like you can't even have a negative opinion in this world anymore. It feels so good to say: I Hate Anime! I really do! Anime is trash! Suck it, Japan! I am a free man and I can hate cartoons if I want to! ...except for hentai, though. Hentai is okay.