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I watch CNN. 👀 Don't worry, for a second, I DO NOT watch it, for NEWS. That'd be SILLY. I watch it, about 15 minutes a day. It not only, serves to remind me, of WHO we're fighting, I enjoy watching, their panicked scramble, to try and cover-up, what WE know, cannot be covered. I also, watch Fox News. I watch It, for a bit longer, than CNN. However, things have changed, at FOX. We've all seen it happen. At one point, they did appear to be, FAIR and BALANCED. Balanced, meaning equal time for opposing opinions, like Shep, Juan and the likes. However, with each passing day it seems, they make the decision, to become more UNFAIR and more UNBALANCED, than the day before. Some days, if I didn't listen to their voices and see their faces and was simply reading their SCRIPT, I'd swear it was CNN. I only 'Mark myself SAFE' from their daily dose, of PROPAGANDA and ANTI-TRUMP rhetoric, because I am INFORMED. I can recognize and accept the TRUTH and let the utter LIES and NONSENSE, roll off of me, like water on a duck's back. Still it reminds me, of shopping a Bargain Outlet, where you really have to DIG around, to find something, you'd buy. It saddens and concerns me, however, to think about those, that are not INFORMED, who believe, everything said, just because it's FOX. WE must use discernment, when WE expose ourselves to PROPAGANDA. They always, mix in, just enough truth, to make it seem legit. Gone are the days, of CNN for liberals and FOX, for conservatives. I said many, many times, that this WAR is not left vs right or liberal vs conservative. This is a WAR, of GOOD vs EVIL. Nothing more, nothing less. #thegreatawakening #qanon #FakeNewsMedia #EnemyofThePeople#MemeQueen #TRUTH


Lol - you actually think Fox is less biased than CNN. Remember that Sinclair Group mandatory broadcast some year ago, that was a direct word-for-word order from the Sinclair Group? You've likely seen the synched up collage, probably presented to you as if it was all a LEFTIST conspiracy. The right-leaning Sinclair Group owns Fox, along with a whole lot of other channels, but they do not own CNN. In fact CNN was the one channel who spoke out against said meddling. Fox is a propaganda channel. It's so biased that they couldn't get a licence to broadcast within the US, and had to instead broadcast from Australia, as a sort of broadcast warfare. ...and yet you trust Fox over CNN. You are a fucktard, Q. You are a lolcow. Get even the simplest facts straight, or purchase a buttplug to keep you docile and quiet.


You are actually defending a guy who wanted to nuke tornados, thinking he's the champion of "good". He's an equal fucktard to the fucktard that YOU are. ...so just take your anti-sperg medication, and sit down. You have nothing to contribute to the world.