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recently watched films and my opinion: Elephant 2003: good film a bit slow but I don't mind that, more of a recount to be fair black mass: probably not bad stopped an hour in, as I've seen too many films with such a similar storyline the matrix: always a good watch, still don't understand half the shit they talk about, those films were very unclear in their explanations Air Doll 2009: I watched this because I have a crush on Bae doona, fairly shittiny film tho Tunnel 2016: same reason as above but this film is actually pretty good, not sure if based on real world event :/ steve jobs 2015: would recommend to watch, gives an accurate representation of steve jobs and is well acted/filmed


watching the kiler tomatoes movies. really fun. dumb as fuck. im on the second one right now. ill probably finish all 4 by morning.


>>338 I couldn't like elephant much. Elephant man is 100/10 though


>>338 Really funny